Bed Bug Facts

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug

Description of a bed bug :

  • Adult bed bugs are 3/16 inch long
  • Bed Bugs are blood sucking parasites
  • Rusty-red and ovate
  • Bed Bugs are thin or flat in appearence
  • Female will lay one to five eggs per day (180 – 500 in a lifetime)
  • Developement to adult from egg is 21 days. 
  • Life span is around 1 year


Bed Bug habits: 

  • They live in cracks & crevices with in 5 – 10 feet of their host.  Bed bugs antennae are well deleloped and can detect heat & carbon dioxide.
  • Bed bugs have been found on and in – Box springs, bed frames, mattressed, baseboards and carpets, curtains behind beds, wall sockets, door frames, ceilings, light fixtures, couches ect..


Bed Bug Facts:

  • Bed bugs can live for 175 – 300 days with out feeding
  • Bed bugs are nocturnal – feed mostly at night or in dark unlit rooms
  • Bed Bugs are parasites – feed on human blood
  • Bed bug saliva is a anesthetic – used when feeding.
  • Bed bugs will travel 20 – 30 feet from host bed.


Bed bugs are ‘hitchhikers’ and are spread very easily in luggage, cloths, bags, furniture, and on persons and other item transported from one place to another.

Bed Bug Control – Treatment

  • Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum infested areas. This will quickly knock down numbers of live bed bugs. Remove vacuum bag or contents, place into a plastic bag, seal tightly, and dispose right away. Vacuuming alone will not eliminate an infestation.
  • Wash all curtains, bed linen, laundry, and other infested clothing articles in borax and hot water. Dry on the highest possible setting.  items can be put in the drier for at least 20 minutes to kill bed bugs.
  • Pick up all clutter through-out the interior of house. This will reduce the hidding places for bed bugs.
  • You do not have to throw away mattresses, box springs and furniture. These items can be treated.
  • Put mattress and box spring into a bed bug proof cover. These covers need to be tear resistant and have a tight locking zipper that keeps bed bugs from escaping.

The most important thing about bed bug control is determining the source – where they came from or where you pick them up. Identifying the source will make sure you don’t re-infest your house after a treatment.  No Pest Control Company can Guarantee a bed bug treatment with a nevering ending source of fresh bed bugs being brought back in.

Sources of a bed bug infestations:  Daycares, schools, neighbors, friends, yard sales items, hotels & motels, sleep overs, movie theaters, throw walls in apartments complexs, public transportation anywhere and anyway they can hitch a ride to your house.