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Jacksonville, NC 28546 | (252) 523 8255

Honey Bee Removal

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Honey Bee Removal - Jacksonville, North Carolina

Calling us about Honey Bee Removal?

Please contact us for your swarm removal needs in the Richlands, Jacksonville, Hubert, and Swansboro, Trenton, Comfort – Onslow & Jones County North Carolina areas.

For other Onslow County locations, please visit The North Carolina Beekeepers Association and contact one of the beekeepers there.

If they are in a structure we generally charge for honey bee removal.  If the removal is complex, we will assess a rate on site. This helps compensate for the costs of equipment, gas, and time. If you are over 50 miles away from our service area, we may simply refer you to someone else for removal.

Make sure you have the following information ready, to the best of your knowledge:

  • Are these wasps and not honey bees? If they are Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, we can also help.
  • How big is the swarm? Softball, volleyball, basket ball sized? Or larger?
  • How long have the bees been there?
  • Where is the main cluster or swarm of bees?
    • Are the bees within a structure?
    • Are the bees in a tree? Or some other tall location?
    • How high in the air?
    • Do you have access to a ladder that can reach them?
  • Have they built a nest of any sort?
  • Will there be someone at the location?
  • Are the bees on your property? Is this is a business?