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Swarming Termites Estimate – Jacksonville, NC 28540

Termites with wings are called SwarmersSwarming Termites

The termite swarming season in Jacksonville, North Carolina is from Late February to June.  Having a large number of Swarming Termites in your home does mean your home is infested with termites. Don’t panic every home and business will experience a termite infestation.

Property owners should inspect frequently – D & D Pest Control Co. recommends a annual inspection to catch the infestation before it causes major structural damage.

Signs of a termite Inspection

  • Termite swarmers (termites with wings),
  • mud tubes / tunnels
  • Termite damaged wood


        Termite Mud Tunnel 


Swarming termites are commonly seen swarming toward windows or interior lighting because they are attracted to light, after they land the shed their wings.

The best way to avoid major structural termite damage is to have your home professional treated by a licensed certified pest control company. At D & D Pest Control Co, we have decades of experience dealing with termites throughout Eastern North Carolina. Our professional team will perform an inspection and develop a plan of action to both eliminate the termites invading your home and prevent them from returning. By using the number 1 termite chemical on the market “Termidor”, we can keep your home protected from costly termite damage.

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