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Termidor Termite Treatment

Chemical termiticides are one of the most popular materials used for subterranean termite control in the Jacksonville, NC area. There are two general types of liquid termiticides used to treat termites around homes, the older repellent termiticides and the newer non-repellent chemicals.

A conventional termite treatment targets all potential areas where subterranean termites may gain entry into your home. It is considered to be the most extensive and expensive liquid termite treatment. Conventional treatment requires treating the soil on the interior and exterior of foundation walls, pier voids of cinder blocks in foundation walls, and the soil under all slab porches, steps, and plumbing penetrations in slabs.

Termidor Perimeter Plus Treatment

Termite Perimeter Plus

Termite Perimeter Plus

Termidor Liquid termiticide treatment is mainly used for subterranean termite treatments. Because most termite attacks come from areas surrounding a home, Exterior perimeter plus treatments primarily are targeted at treating the soil adjacent to the perimeter foundation wall of a home to intercept these termite attacks.

Crawl space spot treatments are only required when live termites are found on the interior areas, which usually are found with a professional termite inspection.

The result of this termidor exterior perimeter treatment is a less evasive and substantial reduction in the amount of drilling required to eradicate termites.