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Termite Inspection

Real Estate Termite Inspection

Mortgage lenders require a Termite ‘clearance’ and as a buyers you might want to know the structure they purchase is free from infestation. Both lender and buyer are making a large investment and want to confirm the building involved is sound. A D & D Pest Control Co’s  Termite Inspection helps you comply with full disclosure laws, and ensures there won’t be any surprises when escrow closes.

For Sellers

  •  Get an inspection prior to listing the property, so you can consider any work that needs to be completed and possibly adjust your listing price.
  • Acknowledge any insect activity or damage, and have it addressed early to avoid any delays in closing escrow.

For Buyers

  •  Make sure that a WDI (wood -destroying Insect) inspection is part of you Real Estate contract, whether your Mortgage lender or Real Estate agent requires it or not. It’s always in your best interest.
  • Once you receive the report, feel free to call your termite inspector with any questions.

For Real Estate Agents

  • We offer prompt inspection service
  • We will call immediately following the inspection to discuss our findings
  • Reports emailed or hand-delivered to whomever you choose
  • Free ‘second opinion’ and termite estimates.

If you want a experienced termite inspector you should call D & D Pest Control Co. today. We will work with you and your realtor to set up a time and do a thorough termite inspection. Call (252)523-8255 to schedule a appointment.

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